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One of the great benefits of CCSS membership is a subscription to our publications, including several online newsletters (Sunburst), an annual professional journal (Social Studies Review), the new CCSS Occasional Papers, and the CCSS Website, all written specifically for California social studies educators. In addition, CCSS offers several valuable Special Publications to support history-social science leaders in planning professional development, designing curriculum, and selecting instructional materials.

Classroom Resources for Observing Black History Month
2015 Black History Month Resources for Teachers.pdf
This is a set of resources reviewed and annotated by the CCSS Publications Committee to assist teachers in observing Black History Month.

Classroom Resources for Observing Martin Luther Kings Day
MLKing Holidaypage2015.pdf
These websites, reviewed and annotated by members of the CCSS Publications and Technology Committee, support classroom observances of MLKing Day at levels  Kindergarten through 12.

Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month - November

California Assembly Concurrent Resolution AR97 Sikh Awareness ACR97 Text.doc designates the month of November as California Sikh American Awareness and Appreciation month in acknowledgement of the significant contributions made by Californians of Sikh heritage to our state, and by adoption of this resolution, seeks to afford all Californians the opportunity to better understand, recognize, and appreciate the rich history and shared principles of Sikh Americans.

Resources for Teaching About Sikhism.pdf
Sikh Migration to CA _ West Coast.pdf

Civic Education and Common Core Standards

To guide California educators in meeting the goal of preparing students for college, career AND citizenship, the Los Angeles County Office of Education has published an innovative resource, Preparing Students for College, Career and CITIZENSHIP: A California Guide to Align Civic Education and the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects.

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CHSSP The Source

Long time California History-Social Science Project teachers are probably aware of this great resources for educators that is published quarterly by the CHSSP. The attached copies feature articles about civics, history, and geography education by professors and teachers leaders from the various local project sites.  There is always something interesting about new trends and hot topics.  Added to that are teacher leader instructional ideas and strategies. CCSS thinks all social studies educators will find The Source a highly valuable tool.

Common Core and Literacy in History

Civic Engagement
California Three Rs  Project Bulletins

Civil Conversation and Religion in Schools
The October 2014 Bulletin suggests 3Rs aligned strategies for dealing with controversial and sensitive issues in public schools.  The two suggested are the Deliberation Model and the Civil Conversation Model. 

Religious Literacy and Religious Bullying in California and Canada
The July 2014 Bulletin features and article written by a Canadian teacher and Ph.D candidate Alice Chan. Her rsearch explores the correlation between learning about and understanding of world religions and a decline in the widespread practice of religious bullying among students.

To Stop to the Madness - Put a Face on Faith

In ths April 2014 3Rs Project Bulletin, Dr. Charles Haynes, Executive Director of the Religious Education Project at the Newseum describes the Tony Blair Foundation's Face to Faith program. He shows how civil dialogue strategies and web conferencing based discussion among students in different parts of the world is building greater respect among and connections between students from different faith perspectives.

Combat Bullying but Protect Religious and Political Speech

The January 2014 Bulletin features an article by Charles Haynes from the Religious Freedom Education Project at the Newseum focused on the need to balance First Amendment Rights with anti bullying efforts in public schools.

The October 2013 issue of the Bulletin features the First Amendment issues of curriculum or instructional strategies used in public schools that have historical roots in religious practice. The issue is analyzed through the recent court case on the practice of yoga in schools as a form of exercise.

The May 2013 Bulletin examines the famous Supreme Court case that found school led Bible reading was unconstitutional. Author Damon Huss examines the arguments on both sides and the majority and minority opinions of the justices of the case, showing how these ideas are being used for cases today.

Using a 3Rs  Approach to Head Off Challenges as School Begin Implementing Common Core ELA Standards
The February 2013  California 3Rs Project Bulletin outlines a process for materials selection in light of Common Core Standards and other new laws that influence supplemental materials selection. The goal is to develop a process to alay challenges to certain book or reading selections by religious or other interest groups in the community.

Give Bigotry No Sanction

The November California 3Rs Bulletin has a terrific article by Mary Hendra from Facing History and Ourselves. In addition, there are three professional development programs for teachers and administrators taking place around the state.

Face to Faith

Just a little over three years ago, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation launched Face to Faith, a free program for secondary schools that encourages dialogue on faiths, cultures and beliefs while teaching about the role they play in addressing the most pressing global issues of our time.

California Three Rs  Project Publications

Teaching About the Jewih High Holidays: Rosh Hashanah and Yo
m Kippur

Ramadan 2014

Holidays in Public Schools:

Holidays in Public Schools: Day of the Dead

December Dilemma 2014

Teaching About Religious Holiday - Diwali

Chinese or Lunar New Year 2014

Holidays in Public School - Passover and Easter 2014

May Is Labor History Month
May is Labor History Month.pdf

 More CCSS Publications

California Council for the Social Studies: The History and the People Who Made It 

Written by Pat Geyer, this fascinating little book describes the evolution of the California Council for Social Studies since its beginning in the early 1960s as the statewide professional organization for History-Social Science educators. The Social Studies Review first published in 1962 is still a top publication in the US for history-social science educators. Today there are more resources offered to members but the dedication to the teaching and learning of social studies has not wavered. To purchase a copy, email

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