Seeking: Executive Secretary

OB ANNOUNCEMENT: The Executive Secretary position is characterized as a clerical part time position requiring an individual to perform a variety of clerical and accounting duties such as typing, filing, bookkeeping, and data entry as directed by the CCSS President and Board of Directors. Applicant needs to demonstrate strong interpersonal skills to work courteously and effectively to answer questions, solve problems and represent CCSS in the public arena. Some packing and unpacking of CCSS materials required. Skills required are listed below.

  • Proficiency with QuickBooks (Online Plus), Word and Excel
  • Database management experience (we use Wild Apricot)
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills
  • Skilled at multi-tasking, problem-solving and prioritizing
  • Strong organizational skills, keen attention to detail and follow-up, effective time management
  • Comfortable being managed, but can also work independently in the day- to-day execution of work


1) Governance: Conducts daily operations and administration of the organization.

Prepares and presents Executive Committee and Board of Directors minutes, membership reports, financial reports and other documents. Assists President in preparing yearly NCSS reaffiliation papers and submits as requested. Attends and takes/disseminates minutes at three quarterly Board meetings

2) Financial: Creates and maintains the organization’s budget. Meets with accountant regarding routine financial matters to keep CCSS transactions within the letter of the law for non-profit status. Files required paperwork to maintain 501c3 status. Manages financial transactions relating to CCSS meetings and other expenses relating to the organization. Pays all bills, reimbursements and stipends for contractors and board members in a timely manner. Provides updates for Executive Committee as well as updated budget report for each board meeting.

3) Communication: Responds to requests from the CCSS Executive Committee as presented at board meetings, and to the CCSS President between board meetings. Develops and distributes information as directed by the Executive Committee. Responds to requests from local councils for membership data and other information.

4) Conference: Manages the annual Conference Registration and Exhibits.

Registration and serves as a troubleshooter throughout the event. Prepares contracts and negotiates with potential conference site hotels, annual conference decorator and security for the event. Develops the conference program database, process letters and mailing labels including proposal acceptance/non- acceptance letters. Works with printer to complete advanced registration booklet and conference program. Assists the conference chair(s) in all aspects of conference management. Attends conference in San Jose (3/14-17/19) and assists Conference Chair in all aspects of the event onsite, particularly attendee registration, exhibitor registration, conference designer/decorator set-up, and security. Works with contracted printer to create advance registration booklet and printed conference program.

5) Other

● Supervise the work of CCSS temporary help, if contracted, and assign tasks as needed.

● Support the work of CCSS stipended contractors.

● Purchases supplies and materials, as needed. Distributes (email/mail) peer-reviewed journal to membership and subscribers.


● Prior experience working with non-profit executive preferred but not required.

● Work experience in education setting (district, county or school office) preferred but not required.


● Must have access to Skype, cell or other phone at all times during working hours


● Work from home

● Allowances for office rent and storage

● Paid transportation, mileage and accommodations for mandatory meetings and other necessary travel

● Laptop, printer and associated equipment provided for use during employment

Annual stipend dependent on qualifications of successful candidate, but given part-time nature of contracted duties and nonprofit’s limited budget not to exceed $37,500.

The Executive Secretary shall work with and be operationally responsible to the CCSS Executive Cabinet, and ultimately to the President of the organization, which provide oversight. The board shall review the Secretary’s compensation on an annual basis. In doing so the board shall take into account performance, organizational resources and appropriate compensation levels in the market.

The term of the contract shall be one year, commencing on August 13, 2018 and terminating on June 30, 2019. On or before April 1, 2019 an evaluation shall occur subject to renewal upon mutual agreement. Compensation increases shall be based upon taking initiative to insure that CCSS functions smoothly and effectively and budget allocations do not fall below the current year’s level.

The board will conduct an annual performance evaluation. The evaluation will utilize the Executive Secretary’s accepted work plan, self-evaluation, and feedback in providing an evaluation that endeavors to recognize accomplishments and areas of future growth. The evaluation will be shared with the full board.

Please send cover letter, resume, and list of references by email to: Michelle Herczog, CCSS First Vice-President at Herczog_Michelle@yahoo.com

EXTENDED Deadline to Apply:
July 13, 2018

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