CCSS Position Statements

CCSS supports educators, schools, and districts in providing quality of history/social studies curriculum and instruction. To this end it has established positions on topics that influence educational policy related to the assessment, content, and pedagogy of history/social studies. All position statements have been approved by the CCSS Board of Directors and are used to guide the organization's work with educational leaders, publishers, and legislators. 

The CCSS Position Statements have been revised and updated to reflect the changes and developments in social studies education over the past decade. These considerations include adoption of the Common Core State Standards, the C3 Framework (NCSS), current research in social studies pedagogy and historiography, the updated California HSS Framework, the new accountability system and school finance model for California schools (LCAP), and increased attention to cross-curricular skills.  The following document includes position statements on Standards-Based Instruction, Literacy, Assessment, Civic Education, Professional Development, Workforce Readiness, and Local Control and Accountability Plan.  

CCSS Position Statements (Board Approved, March 6, 2016)

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