Flipping March Madness

04/05/2013 12:22 AM | Elizabeth Ramos (Administrator)

Why should basket ball have all the March fun? I decided to flip March Madness for my AP US history class for a review.While surfing the internet, I came across a political March Madness at In the Capital and came up with the idea. Why not turn this into a review activity? I enjoyed the fact that they grouped key US political figures by eras.

First, I got busy on Google Docs and Prezi. To introduce Political Madness to the students I created a Political Madness Prezi. Students were given time to work in their table groups of three to select a winner. While discussing their selections, the groups had a peer serve as a recorder to record the historical evidence/justification for their selection. This compelled them to review and give a purpose to their "madness." Students were given time the next day to share out their responses.

Then, I created a Google form to survey the students for each pair in the brackets. When I went over this and introduced it, students were given some time to enter their selections on their smart phones in class.

Later, we returned to view the results-they enjoyed the immediate results. The remainder were able to complete the survey for homework or in the computer lab the next day.

The next step was to create a Google drawing to enter in the winners as we progressed. Also, a new survey was needed for the next bracket. This repeats until we come to the winner. So far, the students have been

engaged and this has been a "fun" way to review- perfect timing for the California STAR test and pre-AP/End of Course review.

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