Wallwisher evolves to a more teacher friendly tool…Padlet

02/11/2013 10:14 AM | Elizabeth Ramos (Administrator)

Wallwisher was a site where students and teachers could brain storm and move the text box of ideas around into categories or chronological order. Many teachers also wanted to do more.  Apparently Wallwisher has listened to comments and their vision for a “tablet” like site has evolved. Wallwisher is now Padlet.

There are a variety of ways to use this in your classroom beyond an in class brainstorming activity. They have included a streams, which places the postings/notes in chronological order with a timestamp. This allows teachers to easily use this as an extension activity beyond the classroom. Padlet can easily be used as a notice board, brainstorm, make lists of activity/unit/class resources, watch and share videos, and more. I really like the idea of it becoming a different discussion board.

One way that I have used in the classroom is to brainstorm ideas on a topic. I had a student type in the responses students shared and I have also had students post their responses from their smart phones or in the computer lab. As a class, we then discuss ways of categorizing them, you could also categorize them based on SPEC (social, political, economic, cultural) categories. This can be done as an end of unit review, DBQ outside info review, or CST review prep.
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