Curriculum and Instruction Committee

The purpose of the Curriculum and Instruction Committee of CCSS is to...

  • Advise the Board of Directors of significant developments in curriculum and instruction that may require a response from the Council. 
  • Advise the Board of Directors of strategies to promote the implementation of high quality social studies education in the schools of California. 
  • Encourage and promote participation of CCSS members on state bodies developing standards, frameworks, instructional materials, and other documents and programs of the social studies. 
  • Encourage and promote participation of CCSS members on state bodies that serve as evaluators of statewide documents and programs in social studies. 
  • Act as a clearinghouse to provide California educators with information, resources, and support for implementing California history-social science standards-based instruction using the California History-Social Science Curriculum Framework as the guide. 

 Committee Members  2015-16

                   Chair:                        Rebecca Valbuena 

Scott Petri

          Core Member:           Wendy Rouse

Other Members:
Maryann Haggerty  Michelle Akkerman


Proposed Agenda: Sept. 2014

Proposed Agenda: Sept. 2013
C _ I Agenda, Sept. 2013.pdf

Action Report: Sept. 2013
Committee Action Item Featured Topic, Sept. 2013.pdf

C I Proposed Agenda August 2010.docx 
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